Gray Sector

    Dreamland by Rhonda Eudaly
    File uploaded: February 4, 1998
    Moments later they were outside Garibaldi's quarters. After a couple of attempts to get the security chief to open the door, Sheridan had the security men with Zack Allen force open the door. The officers split up to search the place.

    "Captain!" Ivanova called out from Garibaldi's bedroom. "You need to see this..."

    I'm the Only One by Sarah Houghton
    File uploaded: March 7, 1998
    "Why me?" Marcus Cole paced back and forth in his quarters, pondering what he should do. I have all this work to do, logs to search, logs to complete, and I can't do any of it. Why? Because all I can think about is her. All right, Marcus Alexander Cole, you will finish those logs. You will not think about Susan...

    Identities by Rhonda Eudaly
    File uploaded: January 31, 1998

    An assignment for Marcus and a fellow Ranger leads to an unexpected reunion...

    Garrett eased into Down Below and stopped. It had nothing to do with the hopelessness, despair and filth. There was something else, something pricking the edge of his consciousness and drawing him along a certain path. He thought he knew what he was about to find once he started on his path. It didn't stop him from meeting his destiny. The Minbari had trained him too well for that...

    In Memory by Nightcrawler

    File uploaded: December 17, 1999
    It hurt to hear someone say her name. Garibaldi closed his eyes. He squeezed his lids tight, trying to force the hot tears back to wherever they came from, but it was useless. Once the tears began to fall, it seemed as if they would never stop. G'Kar wrapped a long arm around Michael and said simply, "Tell me about her."

    Mr. Garibaldi's Vacation by Erinyes
    File uploaded: January 16, 1998

    A story set after the episode "The Geometry of Shadows":

    Michael Garibaldi smacked the console, swearing."Lousy piece of space junk!" The rented space skiff stoically bore his abuse, despite its wheezing stall. In moments, it became clear that Mr. Garibaldi's voyage was going to include an unplanned stopover...

    The Swirling Dark by Erinyes
    File uploaded: January 16, 1998

    An interlude during the episode "Face of the Enemy":

    Susan Ivanova paused at the entrance to the holding cell, far off the main decks of Babylon 5. From her position she could barely see the occupant--a slender man, with vacant eyes. What am I doing? I need on be on the bridge of the White Star... Still, she remained. She had questions for this man--questions that would not wait...

    Up All Nightby Sarah Houhgton
    File uploaded: April 4, 1998

    Depending on your point of view, either an incredibly funny or incredibly scary glimpse of what goes on late at night on our favorite space station...

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