Red Sector

WARNING! The stories in this section contain mature themes and/or explicit sexual content. Intended for ADULTS ONLY.
    Ivanova's Guide to Human Sex 101 by sidewinder
    File uploaded: January 17, 1998

    A little poem in praise of the deity Ivanova.

    Lessons by sidewinder
    File uploaded: January 18, 1998

    An interlude for Susan and Delenn, some time following the episode "Soul Mates":

    Delenn looked back and forth between Susan and the table. Then Susan and the floor. She opened her mouth slightly to begin to speak, then stopped. She rose from the sofa, the folds of her long robe covering her delicate frame as she crossed her arms, walking about in obvious distress. "I...oh, I fear this is more trying than anything I have encountered so far since undergoing my transformation. And it is...terribly difficult to discuss." She brought her fist to her mouth with a frown, as if it were wrong to even speak of her problem...

    Nocturnal Emissions by David Lenny
    File uploaded: February 14, 1998

    A interesting reunion following the events in the episode "Z'ha'dum":

    ...In his current state of semi-consciousness he would be able and react to things as if he were fully awake, but he would perceive things as if they were part of a dream. Since the implanted personality had taken control of Talia, there was very little left of her original personality. What was left felt a strong physical attraction for Garibaldi and she didn't care what she did as long as it meant having him.

    Personal Demons by sidewinder
    File uploaded: February 14, 1998

    A sequel to the story "Shadowplay":

    Lyta felt the dark tendrils of the presence reach out for her, faster than she could attempt to pull away or run from them. She was frozen, unable to even scream or retract as it reached into her own mind and scavenged brutally for what it wanted, flashing her worst memories through her mind. She tried to block it but it fought back, revealing itself in its full horrific form to her in her mind...revealing its nature, its allegiance...Servant of darkness, Soldier of the Shadows. One goal, one aim--destruction, chaos, pain.

    Shadowplay by sidewinder
    File uploaded: January 18, 1998

    Garibaldi-focused story set in the aftermath of "War Without End":

    It was late, he'd worked more than a full day trying to catch up with all the captain's demands on his time, but Garibaldi still couldn't sleep. It wasn't a new condition for him, but it was getting worse all the time these days. And when the stress got worse, the constant craving for one drink, just one drink, got worse as well, the thought and the longing running repeatedly through his mind...

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